Nutricia 360 Marketing
Launch Campaign

campaign launch strategy | content creation & design | visual and brand strategy | graphic design | influencer strategy and engagement

the challenge
nutricia, a household infant milk formula brand, cannot advertise its key milk formula product due to the korean advertisement regulations. how, then, can we work around these restrictions to create a distinct brand presence for nutricia?

the approach
by collecting market and customer purchase data, we rolled out a marketing campaign for nutricia’s breastfeeding bar product, nutrimum, that created and sold a young, contemporary “nurtrimum” persona to appeal to our target audiences.

the experience
ain’t got milk? ain’t no problem! our integrated launch campaign for nutricia’s new breastfeeding bars built and communicated an ideal mother persona across marketing platforms by appointing a power mom influencer as our main ambassador. through digital viral marketing videos, baby fair exhibition booths and social media content, we engaged with consumers and raised awareness, translating the channels into effective sales conversions. turns out, you don’t need milk (or shakes!) to bring moms to the yard.