ASEAN Summit

experiential conceptualisation and execution | spatial design and planning | motion graphics | graphic design | live experiences | ministerial protocol

the challenge
keeping ministerial protocols and strict guidelines in mind, what can we do to up the ante for a series of ministerial meetings and networking dinners? the unifying theme for these meetings is the focus on singapore culture.

the approach
create an immersive and experiential journey that showcases the past, present, and future possibilities of singapore, while ensuring that all protocols and operations are in place.

the experience
the 2018 asean logo connected the various capitals of asean to create the form of an orchid and bird. seeing this, we created a separate visual interpretation of this logo to create a cohesive brand identity. these visuals were incorporated into the experiences, such as the multi-sensorial dinners that demonstrated the confluence of singapore heritage and technology. each dinner was hosted at interesting locations, such as the malay heritage centre and asian civilisations museum. while we were restricted by protocols and guidelines, we found ways to curate touch points that could add to the experience. this was seen through the cuisine, where conventional local flavours were served with a modern take, or live entertainment performed by a mix of local and asean talents. one of the key highlights was a virtual children’s choir coming together for a soulful performance of one voice, composed by dick lee with lyrics tweaked by kuo po.