HP Elite
Dragonfly Launch

campaign strategy and identity | graphics design | spatial design and planning | motion graphics | video production | artist collaboration and merchandise | research and insights | live experiences

the challenge
how do you associate a brand new, unknown ultralight business laptop – the hp elite dragonfly – with the dawn of a new era for workplaces?

the approach
through research and insights, we developed a creative strategy to give the people what they need: lightness in the new era. with a multitude of channels, platforms, and brand-in-hand moments, we created a full fledged campaign identity.

the experience 
kicking off at the heart of tokyo, japan, the integrated launch campaign was centred around the key idea of “lightness in the new era”. taking insights collected from focus groups, the concept of “lightness” was translated into immersive brand experiences during the launch. the launch also featured a creative collaboration with japanese illustrator studio takeuma, with his cheeky take on japanese culture and conventional work styles, contrasted against their need to embrace the “new era” with hp. nothing says limited edition like an influencer-filled pop-up party with exclusive merch for keeps! for fans who couldn’t score an invite, our live streaming on social media and across the giant screens at the iconic shibuya crossing garnered more than 836k views. #nofomo